Our Philosophy on Selecting Beneficiaries

In our programme, we believe in supporting causes that align with our philosophy, values and mission. We understand the importance of responsible and transparent distribution of funds, and we strive to ensure that the proceeds from our supervision sessions are used for their intended purpose.

In alignment with this, we do not support causes that have a commercial, ideological, pharmaceutical or military nature. Instead, we focus on supporting organisations that work towards improving the lives of individuals and communities; categories such as:

  • Education and training for communities

  • Health

  • Support for human rights of various kinds (women, men, children)

  • Geographically-specific environmental conservation initiatives

  • Poverty alleviation, and providing basic needs such as food and shelter

  • Animal welfare

  • Community development

Supervisors in our programme are offered the unique opportunity to choose the beneficiary of their supervision group's proceeds. We understand that supervisors may have a personal connection or passion for a specific NGO, NPO, or charity, and we want to provide them with the opportunity to support the cause that resonates with them most.

This means that supervisors may choose an organisation they have a connection to, where they engage with or have engaged with the entity itself, and its own beneficiaries. This allows supervisors to not only develop and support their supervision group but also contribute to a cause that they and the group personally care about. The idea is to foster a deeper relationship with the community or beneficiary the aid organisation supports.

At the same time, we have pre-identified and verified a list of organisations to ensure that the proceeds are distributed to worthy causes in a responsible and transparent way. However, we also encourage supervisors to do their own research and due diligence to ensure that the organisation they choose aligns with their own and our programme's values and mission.

We believe that this approach will not only enhance the impact of the programme but also foster a sense of personal connection and satisfaction among the supervisors. We are excited to see the positive impact that this approach will have on the supervisors, the participants, and the chosen beneficiaries.

Join Us!

We're excited to have you join us at Social Impact Supervision!

For supervisors: By participating in our programme, you'll have the opportunity to supervise a group of coaches and be part of our supervision community, making a difference in the world. To sign up, please select the appropriate option below and provide your details.

For coaches: Our programme offers group supervision in exchange for your donation to a charity. In group supervision you'll be able to receive support and professional development for your practice, and make a difference in the world through charitable giving. By participating in our programme, you'll have the opportunity to work with an experienced supervisor and other coaches in community. To sign up, please select the appropriate option below and provide your details.

We look forward to having you join us in making a positive impact in the world through our supervision programme!

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