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Alex van Oostveen: Founder- Social Impact Supervision

About me and Social Impact Supervision

I conceived the idea of using supervision and engaging the coaching community to financially support social causes in 2022, stimulated by the increasing chaos and suffering in the world. I was mindful of various narratives making it impossible to determine how to respond to the complexity of social systems while being confident of doing no harm.

As a solution, my starting point is to encourage supervisors and coaches to have direct engagement with small communities and aid organisations, with the nature of this direct contact serving to filter out and minimise the chances of corruption and abuse of power going unchecked or resulting in net harm.

About my Coach Supervision and Coaching Practice

My coaching and supervision practice follow on from a 20-year career in military operational flying and advanced flight instruction. From these experiences I learned the value of potent leadership, effective decision-making, communication and relationships within complex, high-stakes, and dynamic environments.

In my personal life, my passions are personal development, cooking, riding motorcycles, spirituality, wine and whisky, yoga, and music. I live in the countryside in a village in the Cape Winelands.

I hold a PCC credential with the ICF, and EIA and ESIA with EMCC, a Diploma in Coaching and a Diploma in Coach Supervision. I have training and experience primarily in transactional analysis and Appreciative Inquiry, and a diversity of organisational development modalities.

As a practitioner, I put my passion into action by helping individuals and businesses successfully navigate their own systems, organisations and environments, through accurate sense-making, self-management and a whole-person-approach to problem solving.

I have been mentoring coaches-in-training within ICF-accredited coaching programmes since 2012. I host one-to-one and group mentor coaching.

My deep passion for coach supervision comes from my personal experience of its transformational impact, as well as my aviation background in standards, training and performance review. I supervise coaches one-to-one ad-hoc or monthly. For coaches wanting to learn in community with others, I host supervision groups.

Joanne Searle

Coaching Supervision

Supervisor, author and trainer Robin Shohet says that ‘’not having supervision is like saying I can’t afford to, or I haven’t got time to take my car to be serviced, and then spending hours waiting for the breakdown service at great expense and blaming the manufacturer”!

Supervision provides coaches the opportunity to learn, grow, reflect on their work and receive emotional and practical support for their work with clients. It as an essential reflective practice for our health, growth, integrity as coaches as well as for the benefit and protection of our clients.

My coaching and supervision model is humanistic and integrative based on ten years of experiential training in Humanistic and Integrative psychotherapy in London. The underlying philosophy of Humanism is our desire to grow and realise our full potential. The Integrative aspect refers to the integration of many different methodologies and tools for working with people in a therapeutic or coaching environment.

This philosophy also applies to my practice of supervision which is largely based on my own experience of having been in regular group, individual and peer supervision over the past 26 years and an ICF Certificate in Coach Supervision which I completed in 2010.

Since qualifying as a coach supervisor, I have developed and run coach supervision training for internal and external coaches. My strengths as a supervisor, from my own experience as a supervisee and as a Coach Supervisor for the last 14 years, are my warmth and ability to create a reassuring, accepting space for coaches to explore and reflect on their interactions with clients and to review caseload and practice issues. I am experienced at working with groups and with process.

I believe in inclusiveness. By this I mean accepting and being willing to work with different models of training, personal background and experience. I also believe strongly in the value of and need for supervision as a reflective practice for coaches for the following reasons:

  • personal and professional growth and development

  • supervision is an essential aspect of self–care and supports and restores the coach’s well-being

  • supervision protects the client by maintaining a coach’s accountability and enhancing their performance

The additional benefits of being in group supervision are the value of community and connection with other coaches in a business that often leads to isolation, the value of sharing our different perspectives and experiences, and the opportunity to receive feedback from peers.

About Me

I supervise a diversity of coaches, globally, both individually and in groups. My strengths as a supervisor are my experience, my warmth and ability to create a reassuring, accepting space for coaches to explore and reflect on their interactions with clients, to review caseload and practice issues and to support coaches in working ethically and with integrity. I am experienced at working with groups and with process.

I am accredited as an Individual Supervisor (ESIA) with the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC). In 2010, I completed an International Coach Federation (ICF) Certified Coach Supervisor Training. In 2011, I co-designed and led the Coach Supervision Certificate Course at Wits Business School, an experiential training in coach supervision for experienced coaches, which was certified by the ICF for CCEUs (both CCs and RD).

My practice of coach supervision is based on my own transformational learning experience of being in regular group supervision since 1995, my training as a Coach Supervisor, my experiential training as a humanistic psychotherapist and supervisor.

I have been a member of (Coaches and Mentors of South Africa) COMENSA since its launch in 2006 and served as a volunteer on the Ethics Committee for 6 years, Gauteng Chapter Committee and chaired and still sit on the Supervision Portfolio Committee. I am currently the Global Coordinator for the Association of Coach Supervisors (AOCS) and sit on its Board.

Prior to training as a psychotherapist and coach, I worked as a Chartered Accountant with PWC in Johannesburg and London for over a decade, and as freelance Accountant working for a diversity of clients in the financial, media, IT, construction and engineering sectors in London whilst I retrained as a psychotherapist and coach.

Neville Goldin – Executive Coach And Coach Supervisor

Neville is a certified Tavistock executive coach and over the past ten years has worked with leaders at various levels in a variety of organisations and industries from aviation to banking, as well as healthcare, retail, finance and manufacturing. While his approach to coaching is electic and based on the needs of each client, he favours what is called the systems psychodynamic approach to coaching which essentially means working with the entire system and working below the surface. He works at both an obvious and a deeper, hidden level; the purpose being to forge new meanings and understandings and achieve greater clarity about the client him or herself, their work role and the organisation. Neville’s training and experience as an industrial psychologist in global corporates and specifically his experience as an executive coach help him act as a “thinking partner” to business leaders, assisting them to effectively take up their leadership roles with meaning, purpose and authenticity. He has been particularly successful in helping leaders improve their EQ in managing relationships at work and has a special interest in helping leaders navigate career shifts and transitions (moving into, up, through and possibly even out of an organisation).

Neville is a trained and certified coach supervisor and enjoys working with coaches to help them with dilemmas and (ethical) challenges which inevitably arise when working as a coach, to continuously develop and grow as individuals and to deepen their own coaching practice.


In 2018 Neville completed a doctoral degree in Consulting Psychology. The title of his thesis is coaching leaders in career transition. He has a Master’s Degree in Industrial/Organisational Psychology and is registered with the Health Professionals’ Council of South Africa as an Industrial Psychologist. He is a Master HR Practitioner with the South African Board for People Practice and has a certificate in Crisis De-briefing and Trauma Counselling. Neville has completed advanced training in both career and retirement coaching. He is also a certified Analytic-Network Coach and  has completed his training as a coach supervisor, supporting other coaches in their coaching practice.

He is a member of both SIOPSA (Society for Industrial/Organisational Psychology of SA) and COMENSA (Coaching and Mentoring Association of South Africa).

Dr. Jean Hazlitt

Jean is an international speaker and internationally recognised coach who is giving back to the coaching profession through her PHD work. From a corporate prospective, she disrupt people in their thinking, which enhances business at many different levels. She worked in the corporate world for 28 years and been coaching for 15 years.

Jean is a Doctor of Leadership and Coaching through Monarch Business School Switzerland. The creator of DYLACUBETM (Dynamic Leader as Coach cube concept). Certified as a Professional Integral Coach (PCC) through the Centre for Coaching (Graduate School of Business – University of Cape Town). She is registered as a Coaching Practitioner with COMENSA (Coaching and Mentoring of South Africa) and ICF (International Coaching Federation) with PCC accreditation. Jean is a trained coach supervisor and runs small supervision groups privately or for internal coaches. She is a committee member on the COMENSA Supervision Portfolio. She is involved in mentoring coaches at two coaching schools in South Africa, Centre for Coaching and The South African College of Applied Psychology (SACAP). She also volunteers as a coach on the MBA coach elect program at GSB - UCT. Jean was an internal coach in a financial organisation for over 16 years. Internal coaching work includes running redeployment workshops, change management, one on one or group coaching with senior managers and their teams, and group supervision for most of the internal coaches in the organisation.

While in corporate, she volunteered as an internal coach for 15 years and assisted in change management programs. Coaching clients fall across a wide spectrum, from sales teams and/or individuals, Owners/Directors of small companies, Financial Planners, MBA Students, Senior and Middle Management in large financial organisations, including Executives in African countries and Operations Managers in prestigious Hotels.

Coaching Approach:

Jean works with individuals and leaders in an integral manner which integrates rigor with compassion and creative design. Integral coaching is grounded in mutual trust and respect, directed to a set of outcomes. Integral works with methodology, integration and a deep connection with others and oneself. Programs are designed towards leaving a coachee self-correcting and self-generating. Jean respects that a person has the ability to develop themselves and she is the facilitator in the awareness journey.

Areas of Expertise:

• Team and Individual Coach

• Leadership Development Facilitator

• Change facilitator Teams/Groups

• Enneagram personality profiling

• Leadership embodiment

Andrew Matthews PCC

Hi, I am Andrew Matthews, a coach (PCC), trained coach supervisor, and ICF mentor coach. What gets me fired up in all my personal and professional spaces is being a part of people living their best personal flavour of life. I find this is particularly important for coaches as it grounds an authenticity that empowers transformational coaching engagements.

At the core of my practice is the belief that people are “creative, resourceful, and whole” (inspired by Co-Active Coaching). My coach supervision enables coaches to grow and evolve each of these elements to increase self-knowledge that enables them to meet their clients where they are at in a potent and resourced manner.

To borrow some wisdom from Robin and Joan Shohet (supervisors and trainers), while working in a group setting, when one does work, all do work. This is the magic and opportunity of engaging in group coach supervision. My approach to my professional roles is a blend of humanistic and relational, particularly enriched by a group setting.

My background is varied, with a degree in accounting (never been used), being a professional swimming instructor, various committee roles within the professional coaching space, and being past board director and vice president of COMENSA (a SAQA-recognised professional body), as well as volunteer roles as coach and coach supervisor. My personal interests are staying physically active (training for and competing in triathlon), enjoying and writing about wine (I am academically inclined with a Cape Wine Academy Diploma), and curating meaningful time in beautiful settings for my nearest and dearest as well as for myself.

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